about me

I am a nail polish collector and love wearing different nail polishes and wanting(wish) to make my nails and hands look beautiful.
I used to go to salons often to maintain and put nice nail polishes and thought
"why can't I maintain my own nails at home?"

I started to buy nail care kits and made my nails stronger and not shamed of my nails anymore :)

I was trying to buy more colours (mostly from OPI) and DIY nail arts. Then I realised that cost of nail polishes was really expensive and I wanted to get the nail polish cheaper so I can collect more nail polishes.
Luckly I have found professional nail distributor from USA. I  managed to get them with little bit of discount by buying them in small sets.

I want to help girls like me in Australia to buy these beautiful quanlity nail polishes in affordable prices.
And I want to keep collecting new colours and collections with the profits I make :)

Every products I have is 100% genuine as I know the importance of wearing a genuine product.
I just become a TOP rated seller with 100% feedback from customers in eBay.
(thank you for encouraging me with great feedback)
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Well.. Hope you have a fun in my blog and always watch for new deals and collections!!
get them all!! :)